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Lets support the Greek economy by choosing one of its finest exports!

If you haven’t already tried Korres products, you have no idea what you are missing out on. Just the names of their body lotions and shower gels alone,  make you want to soak up the Mediterranean sun, or run through a grove of  sun burnt olive trees. With  fragrances which  are predominant and uniquely recognisable while roaming the cobbled streets of any Greek Island,  such as mint, pergamont, lemon and  Jasmine, Korres has created a whole line of cosmetics to suit all tastes.

To be very clear, most of their products are made from natural ingredients. This does not mean that they are organic. Their ingredients are merely “derived from nature”. You will be able to read a lot more about the differences between ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ body care products in a future post. For now, take a look at how to recognise Organic Certification Labels here.

This company was started in 1996 by George and Lena Korres. He’s a little bit about their story as found on their website.


George – or Giorgos – Korres, an Evangelical School graduate, went on to study at the Pharmacy School of the University of Athens. While still a student (1988), he started working at Greece’s oldest homeopathic pharmacy; he eventually bought the pharmacy (1992) and within the next five years, he set-up a homeopathic-remedy- production lab. In 1996, having developed a deep understanding and knowledge of natural ingredients and their application in over 3,000 herbal remedies, he created Korres Natural Products, with a view to producing safe, clinically effective, and affordable natural skincare products of interesting design. Giorgos is involved in brand development and research in collaboration with the National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens University and various worldwide research centres. His ongoing effort is to utilize valuable, clinically efficacious, endemic Greek herbs; to do so he is cooperating with local communities, agricultural unions and organic farmers.

Lena Korres, a Chemical Engineer joined Korres in 1996. Lena, now a mother of two, was the first person to be hired at the company and played a crucial role in setting & positioning the brand literally from its birth out of Athens’ first ever homeopathic pharmacy. Having held a number of strategic posts at Korres, she is currently the Brand Development Director for Korres. Working closely with the group’s 50-strong R&D team, Lena is involved in the overall product development process. Her greatest ‘beauty’ challenge to date was the development of the Korres yoghurt skincare line which contains yoghurt in its edible form. The development of a stable cosmetic formula preserving all of‘live’ yoghurt’s benefits was a scientific and innovative achievement as well as a global first for the cosmetics industry. Lena was recently shortlisted by the CEW’s (Cosmetic Executive Women) United Kingdom Board for the Achiever Awards 2007. Wallpaper*, the internationally acclaimed design lifestyle magazine for urban modernists and global navigators alike, in its 10th anniversary issue featured Lena & George Korres as two of the world’s top 40 influencers under the age of 40.





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