Carob Honey. The All Natural Sweetener

Carob Honey. The All Natural Sweetener

Commonly known as “The Black Gold of Cyprus”, Carob Honey is widely used and extremely popular, not only due to its unusual yumminess, but also mainly because of its high nutrient value. Apart from being an all natural sweetener, Carob Honey consists of calcium, magnesium, and vitamins A B1, B2 and D. Also, due to its high levels in fiber, it helps with regular and healthy bowel movement.
One of the villages in Cyprus which is well known for its production of Carob Honey is Anogyra, a village situated on the southern side of the Troodos Mountains, overlooking Pissouri bay. Each year in the month of September, “The Pasteli Festival» is organized. The Pasteli Festival celebrates the popular sweet with the same name which is made out of carob honey and sesame boiled together and let to cool until a solid piece is formed.
To learn more about the wonders of carob honey, its by products and how it is made.




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