Eating Out?

Eating Out?

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Preferably Pure’ s guide to dining out in Cyprus for Vegetarians, Vegans and Clean Eaters, including new restaurants or eateries in your town that offer a variety of options including the editor’s favourite dishes.

If you are Eating Out, we’re here to help you find a list of eateries which offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan meals.

Now in this section,  I will be suggesting a variety of healthy yet delicious snacks, meals and dishes as I come across them.  I’ll help you find fabulous eateries on the island which offer not only scrumptious food, but a  selection of healthier and “cleaner” options.  We might even awaken our taste buds by giving them a chance to experiment with new culinary concoctions!

I’ll be making a note of both the eatery, the city and what dishes I tried. Most importantly, I will give you a heads up on the ingredients each food contains.

Now, here’s what I need from you! Let me know what your favourite dish is so we can inform our friends. Tell me where you enjoyed it and if it was one of many options at the specific eatery. I cant wait to hear from you at

This week It’s Super Food for the Super Girl!

Yep! One of my all time favourite meals.  This deliciously filling pot of pleasure is suitable for for vegetarians, vegans and clean eaters. It’s packed with protein and iron and perfect for lunch if you plan to hit the gym or your yoga mat in the afternoon.

This protein packed pot of plenty is a mixture of dry cranberries, edamame, pine nuts,sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and pomegranate fused into a portion of perfectly cooked lentils. For those of you who enjoy a little extra dressing on your meals, don’t be afraid to ask if you feel it is too dry for your taste buds!  You can find this Super Food pot at Get Fresh. Yummy!

Go to Eating Out for more suggestions on where to find nutritious and healthy meals.





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