October’s Clean Cooking Club Recap

October’s Clean Cooking Club Recap

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I am delighted to announce that our first Clean Cooking Club session was an all encouraging success! I could have never possibly imagined that so many people would be interested in “cleaning” up their kitchen!

Set up in the cosiest of environments created by his delightful wife Katerina, our featured chef Fivos showed us how to create simple dishes using ingredients made from natural and organic products, substituting those which we have become accustomed to and are packed with additives and preservatives.

Not only did we prepare a full course meal during this three hour session, but we also acquired a new sense of what Preferably Pure’ s philosophy is all about; taking small steps toward changing the way we live, starting with what is on our plate. I strongly believe that our generation has both the ability and the obligation to instil certain basic ideals in our children about the “proper” way to eat, in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. By choosing a predominately wholegrain, plant based lifestyle; our families will begin to appreciate the difference between a meal, and a nutritious meal.

So last month, our Clean Cooking Club menu was made up of an assortment of absolutely scrumptious dishes. We started off with Edamame and Fennel Soup served in a shot glass. The aroma of the fennel was intoxicating and the taste exceptionally satisfying.
We then moved on to make a Parsnip Dip with Cilantro and Coconut Milk and some exquisite Fruit Salsa on toast which resembled mini bruschetta. I must say, this dish, which  needed the least preparation and was so simple to make, surprisingly turned out to be an enormous success and a favourite amongst the attendees!

For the main course, Fivos showed us how to make Zucchini Rolls with Tahini Eggplant Spread and Roasted Shrimp. To say this was mouthwatering is a complete understatement. The Tahini Eggplant spread was lip-smacking! This is a great idea when it comes to a sandwich spread. You can spread it on a slice of your favourite whole grain bread, or even just cut up some fresh veggies and enjoy it as a dip.
The menu continued on to the Salmon Teriyaki Skewers with Sesame which were very simple to make, and we even learnt how to properly clean salmon fillet like certified chefs while in the process.

To end off the feast galore, we made the perfect little dessert which is, in my opinion, an absolutely superb way to gradually start weaning -both you and your family- off of processed sugar! These Peanut and Coconut Date Globes are made of all natural, raw ingredients. NO SUGAR!!! These bites are simply heavenly and once you try them, not only will your children become obsessed, but you too will be hooked.

Again, I’d like to thank both Fivos and Katerina for collaborating with Preferably Pure and believing in this effort to give people the opportunity to learn, hands on, how to gradually start changing their eating habits. I’d also like to thank Fereos Fourpoint Distribution Ltd, Aes Ambelis Winery for offering the wine which we enjoyed at the end of the session while proudly trying out our culinary masterpieces and Theoklitos Zorbas for offering the nuts used for our home made peanut butter.

If you are interested in signing up for November’s Clean Cooking Club session where Fivos and Katerina will be inviting us into their home to teach us how to make PIZZA!! Always a favourite in every household,  only now you can learn to make it with “clean” ingredients such as kamut flour and other surprising option, along with healthy vegetarian toppings! Simply call Katerina at 99642572 or fill in the form right here.








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