Qboo Bakehouse. The Authentic German Bread

Qboo Bakehouse. The Authentic German Bread

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While beginning my transition to a healthier, whole grain, plant based lifestyle, I was super excited to discover that there was a place right here in Cyprus where I could actually find all the varieties of bread I had done so much reading about  and it goes by the name Qboo Bakehouse.

During my research, I learned that not only is there a difference in white bread and whole wheat bread, but there is also a substantial difference between whole grain and whole wheat bread as well.  The difference between the two is essential when it comes to its nutritional value,  as I have mentioned and go into further detail in my post, It’s All about That Grain.

Beyond that,  and to my surprise,  I also discovered the endless variety of nutritious breads out there, unlike those we are all accustomed to purchasing from our local bakery or grocery,  or even straight off the supermarket shelf.  Unfortunately,  in most cases, this kind of bread, whether it be white or “whole wheat”,  is actually bleached or dyed, full of preservatives and with barely any nutritional benefits whatsoever. Scary, I know!

Luckily enough, Qboo Bakehouse offers exactly the kind of bread one should be opting for when it comes to eating healthier and reaping its nutritional benefits and it’s the reason why it has become one of my favourite places in Nicosia! One foot in their bakery and you are most definitely hooked for life! The aroma is simply mesmerising!

I asked Cornelius, the owner, to briefly explain what the philosophy behind Qboo Bakehouse’s products is and he was nice enough to point out the following:

“Generally speaking, whole grain breads are healthier than breads made with high extraction or even white flours. White flour consists of mainly starch and protein, has practically been stripped of all vitamins, minerals and fiber (all three of which are essential for a healthy diet. Additionally, breads should not be made in a hurry, all of our breads are fermented for at least 18 hours, some as longs as 3 days. During this time, enzymes break down the grain (in a way pre-digesting it); making it easier on your digestive system and making the nutrients more accessible to the body (most bakeries will not ferment their dough’s for more than 90 minutes). Now, regarding the choice of grain, at Qboo we bake several whole grain breads, some with wheat, some wheat free. The most basic would be a 100% whole wheat bread with conventional flour (most bakeries will sell whole wheat bread, but the actual percentage of whole grain in it is frequently no more than 50%). A rather unique bread we recently added is a 100% whole grain Zea bread (Emmer in English and German). Zea is an ancient grain that is higher in most minerals and considered a far healthier option than common wheat. That being said, it is the grain from which wheat developed, so it is still in the wheat family. Our whole grain Spelt bread (with 20% oat and roasted pumpkin seed as well as sunflower seed) is another wheat alternative. Again, spelt is an ancient grain in the wheat family. It also developed from Zea. Our 4th whole grain option is a 100% whole grain Rye bread. This bread is completely wheat free and has such a low glycemic index that we have numerous customers with diabetes who eat this bread without problems (that being said, anyone with diabetes should always consult a doctor prior to consuming any bread that contains starch). Our breads contain neither dairy nor sugar (which most commercial breads do). All breads are baked fresh, from scratch, every day (except the whole grain rye which we actually age for two days before selling it). The Zea, Spelt and Rye breads are certified organic. Other certified organic breads we bake are a wheat baguette, a rye mix and a white spelt.”

You can also purchase the above mentioned flours at Qboo which is ideal if you are looking to gradually rid your pantry of processed ones.

You can find Qboo at 51 Prodromou str, Strovolos, 22270477, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)







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