Reasons to Consider Clean Eating

Reasons to Consider Clean Eating

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This is totally personal. For some, it may be doctor’s orders due to health conditions, for others, it may be a sudden urge, or a New Year’s resolution. For me, as mentioned in My Preferably Lifestyle, it was a matter of an unexpected, yet long time coming, decision which happened to occur one Green Monday morning, and I just went for it.
After years of reading countless articles, which lead me to read numerous books, which lead me to watch several documentaries about the evolution of the food industry and where it is headed, it seemed almost inevitable that at some point in my life, I was going to make a clean cut! Cold Turkey!
The actual concept of consuming products that came straight from nature to my plate without being stripped of all their nutrients through a process I, (and probably most of you) know very little about, was becoming more and more enticing and so much more logical to me. Clean eating seemed like a great way for me to rid my body of ”stuff” that not only it didn’t necessarily need, but may also have been causing irreversible harm.

One of the first things I discovered about clean eating is that everything is much simpler, beginning with grocery shopping which has become far less complicated. Most importantly though, was the immediate change in the way I was beginning to feel.

Here is a list of just some of the reasons one might consider eating a little ‘cleaner’, or in search of a better word, transitioning to a “cleaner” lifestyle:

• Being nourished by all things natural.
• Not having to wander up and down grocery aisles, (even if the music they’re playing over the loud speaker makes it quite tempting, just so you can listen to the next 80’s hit you forgot all about). We go straight to the fruit and veg section!
• Learning how to cook, “cleaner”, nutritious dishes.
• The word “clean” in itself makes you feel better.
• Losing weight due to the low fat content and high nutritious value of the foods you’re consuming (although you must be careful because even if the fats a good for you, some of these foods are high in calories).
• Discovering herbs and spices you never knew existed.
• Meeting new people who share the same interest in plant based, whole grain eating.
• Joining a cooking club to discover a whole new world of nutritional gastronomical delights.
• Having interesting conversations with friends and sharing new information you’ve discovered about non processed food (or processed food for that matter).
• Preparing nutritious meals for your kids and raising them to be more health conscious than we were.
• Enjoying the fruits of Mother Nature’s labour to the fullest and respecting her even more.
• Sharing mineral make up tips with your girlfriends
• Lighting organic candles and enjoying their all natural scent without the fear of chemical saturation.
• Feeling fuller and more satisfied after your meals.
• Persuading your parents to start eating healthier.
• Regular bowel movement. Amen!
• Enjoying all things unnatural and less healthy without guilt on the rare occasions that you do.
• Feeling grateful that all things unnatural and less healthy are something you seldom miss.

Have I given you enough Reasons to Consider Clean Eating?






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