Save your seat for February’s Clean Cooking Club!

Save your seat for February’s Clean Cooking Club!

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Save your seat for February’s Clean Cooking Club!

Our featured Chef Fivos and his wife Katerina are happy to announce the beginning of the new season of their Cooking Club. Once again they will be collaborating with Preferably Pure to offer the group’s members and newcomers something special!

They would like to invite you to a cooking session on Saturday the 20th of February,  which will involve learning recipes to cook for friends and family using healthy ingredients. These session are ideal for vegetarians, vegans and for those who have decided to gradually start leading a healthier lifestyle.

February’s Clean Cooking Club is primarily about cutting skills and how to implement these skills in order to limit the time needed to prepare a meal! Fivos has stressed repeatedly during our cooking club sessions that cooking schools spend a considerable amount of time teaching their students how to master knife skills before learning anything else.

So,  during this months lesson we’ll be getting the opportunity not only to learn from the best, but we will also be setting our skills to the test by making some deliciously nutritious soups which we can all enjoy during this chilly winter season.

The best news is that at the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to try out your culinary masterpieces along with some of the island’s finest wines care of Fereos Fourpoint Distribution Ltd and Aes Ambelis Winery.

If you would like to join the group, you can contact Katerina at 99642572 to reserve your seat. Please be sure to reserve by Wednesday February 17th  in order for them to prepare accordingly.

Each 3-hour class also includes an intro, a demonstration and hands on preparation of the meal along with printed recipes to take home with you.

Don’t forget, if you prefer to organise your own private group,  you can contact Katerina to make early reservations.

So, Let’s Start Cooking!


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