Shopping List Redefined

Shopping List Redefined

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Through this process, I have learned that being prepared is key! Creating a standard shopping list which you will use each and every time you visit your neighbourhood supermarket or organic shop, is the absolute first step to “cleaning” up your act. You will soon realise that the content in your shopping bag not only looks better, but also smells better. Here is a beginners guide to reinventing your shopping list. Feel free to eliminate the food you dislike from the beginning to simplify your list.

Usually, I begin with the vegetables where I have my standards, such as:

Cucumbers – which you can also add to your jar of water,  for an extra perk in the morning,  with some lemon or mint)
Spring onions – which make almost everything taste better
Tomatoes – any size, shape or form
Bell peppers – I use them almost everywhere
Beetroot – again, almost everywhere
Pulsar – Cleaning it can be quite soothing
Mushrooms – any family you prefer
Avocado is definitely my best friend. Few are the days I go without this delicious fruit
Potatoes- Preferably sweet
Watercress – depending on the season
Carrots – always and for everything

Now, depending on the season, this list may vary, but I must say, I rarely steer far from the standard list. Check out Shopping List Redefined.

When going for fruit, again, choose what’s in season and what has been either home grown, or comes from your local organic shop. If you find fruit overpriced in your local organic shop, maybe you can find a friend who owns fruit trees or bushes,  who is willing to swap products with you. I tend to always go for bananas each and every time (opt for local bananas, or bananas that haven’t travelled far to get to your local store). Although on the higher end on the calorie scale, they are so healthy and great for an extra boost of energy. If you would like to know what fruit is in season check out,  What’s All The Fruit About?, where I have a complete list of when your favourite fruit is in season.

Always stack up on nuts. Any kind of nut, as long as you make sure that the content of the package you are about to purchase has only one single ingredient; raw, organic nuts! No salted, no smoked, no sugar coated!  Simply nuts!

I also keep oats in my pantry at all times, which I purchase from my local organic store. That along with my loaf of  Zea or Spelt, and my delicious organic nut spread, tahini spread( a Middle Eastern paste or sauce made from ground sesame seeds) and coconut oil, which I now use for many purposes as I have mentioned in Going Coconuts. Also, as I mentioned above, Avocado is a morning must!

As for dressings, go extra virgin olive all the way! Although, it’s best to avoid using it for cooking at high temperatures. If you are a condiments person, try and make your own. Take a look at some Dips and Spreads here.

Finally, for those who enjoy their milk, go for unsweetened coconut or almond milk.






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