Cold Pressed Juice

Cold Pressed Juice

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The newest trend in the world of “well- being” is the Cold Pressed Juice. Cold Pressed Juice bars seem to be popping up in all metropolitan cities and have people lining up to reap the nutritional benefits of this healthy beverage. For a lot of us, this is the most reliable way to get in our necessary dosage of fruits or vegetables for the day.

So what’s the difference between this new ‘fancy’ juice and our regular pasteurised or freshly squeezed juice you might ask?
Well, according to, “it’s all in the method”.  Ultimately, the goal is to be able to enjoy all the nutritional benefits of the fruit and vegetables the way we do when they in their natural, raw state. They go on to say, “as the fresh fruit and vegetables are, as the name suggests, “Pressed” so that the maximum amount of nectar is extracted from the pulp and fibre, leaving a raw and fresh juice.”

So what is this method?
– Each ingredient is transformed into a refined pulp.
– This process does not heat the fruit or vegetable so all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients are retained.
– Each pulp extract is “Pressed” using a specialized hydraulic presses to extract the juice and conserve all the nutrients
– After extraction, the raw juice ingredients are mixed according to recipe.

Many companies and juice bars which offer this nutritious beverage (or meal one might say), are hopping on the pressed juice bandwagon and going as far as to adding detox plans to their menu which usually consist of a combination of their cold press juices, which are then consumed in a specific order, for a specific amount of days (1 day, 3 day, 7 day programs). As I mentioned above, for some people who happen to lead very hectic lifestyles, this is their only way to keep up with their necessary intake of fruit s and veggies.
Those who have made the switch to cold pressed, or have tried the detox plans,  prefer these juices because they contain more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than the traditional ones.

So,  between Cold Pressed juice and Freshly Squeezed juice, which one should we prefer?

According to hellawella, the more beneficial of the two seems to be cold pressed juice. They go into detail as to why,  by comparing the process in which both are made, “Cold-pressing unquestionably produces healthier juice than squeezing. The blades in a traditional juicer produce heat and chop up the fruit, damaging the fruit’s nutrients in the process and ultimately reducing the health benefits delivered to the consumer. Cold-pressing, on the other hand, preserves some pulp, resulting in juice that is richer in both protein and fibre.”

An added plus when it comes to cold pressed juice,  is that it lasts longer. Due to the fact that air does not make it into the juice during extraction, with proper refrigeration, cold pressed juice will last for up to three days, without oxidizing or losing nutritional benefits. Some juices may even last longer than that.

The downside, if you want to call it that, is that both Pressed Juice, and Pressed Juice makers are on the pricey end of the juicing scale. Check out some options some Cold Pressed Juice makers here.

So are you ready to make the switch? Well, you can begin by stopping by Get Fresh which offers a variety Cold Pressed Juices which are simply superb first thing in the morning or right after your afternoon workout. Personally, I love their beetroot, ginger, and apple!

To learn more about cold press juice and is benefits, check out what Paste Magazine has to say about it.





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