Jason. Natural, Paraben Free Products

Jason. Natural, Paraben Free Products

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A friend of mine suggested I try a brand of hair products named Jason, a line made from wholesome ingredients which work together in naturally effective ways, without the use of harsh toxic chemicals.  Well, they certainly are a great option if you are in the early stages of a cosmetic cabinet cleanse.

Jason products are another great alternative if you are looking to switch to more natural, chemical free products because most of there products offer just that. Not to be confused with organic products, these products have a specific objective, as stated on their website, and it is to:

*Select safe, gentle and effective ingredients
*Rigorously test every formula to ensure safety and efficacy
*Never test on animals
*Constantly innovate and improve

Personally, I really enjoy their conditioner, but do not expect to experience a lather-fest on your head from these products since they avoid the use of certain toxic agents which produce all those wonderful bubbles we so love to love.

Jason also have a large line of products which you can find in any organic shops. One of the most popular products is their Kids line. These products are free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, petroleum, artificial colours or phthalates (chemicals used in plastics and many other products).

As I have mentioned in many of my previous posts and I cannot stress enough, natural products should not be confused with organic ones.

Feel free to click on images for details on this conditioner.





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