Gin Fish

Gin Fish

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Now that I have made it through half of the week unscathed, I must tell you about my weekend visit to Limassol and my dining experience at Gin Fish.

One of my oldest and dearest friends was nice enough to have me over for the weekend,  and as always, made my stay as comfortable and as eventful as only he knows how.  My weekend consisted of an abundance of R&R, just the way I like it. I was able to catch up on lots of much needed rest, while spending quality time with my buddy, and everybody else who happened to wonder in and out of the house while I was there; some for a mere visit and others who never left.  Essentially, the weekend combined all my favourite things; good company, good music, good wine and most importantly, good food!

As luck would have it, last weekend was also the opening of a new place in town and we were most definitely not going to miss it after hearing the opening night reviews.  So, we eagerly awaited the perfect time to visit Gin Fish to experience it for ourselves.

Saturday afternoon 7 pm, the ideal time for a summer cocktail. We all got up off the piece of furniture we happened to have been glued to for the most part of the day and very efficiently changed from our bathing attire into our comfortable summer evening ensembles and headed towards Limassol’s Old Port just in time to catch the magnificent sunset.
Once you arrive at the Old Port, you can’t help but appreciate the architecture of the three predominating, free standing structures which resemble gigantic Tetris-shaped pieces overlooking the seafront. You immediately lose yourself in modernism and the anticipation to get to the last of the three buildings  in which we were about to be dining in, is almost childlike. Elegant yet trendy, sleek yet cosy.  Whether you like modern structures or not, Gin Fish will not leave you unimpressed!

But let’s get to our favourite part; the food!  Luckily for us pescetarians and vegetarians, there are many appetizing options on the menu.

If you are starting off with a salad, you have several to choose from. We ordered the “Gin Fish”, beetroot and quinoa remoulade, served on smashed potatoes, and the roasted beetroot salad.
We then swiftly moved on to an assortment of dishes, not wanting to miss out on any of the suggested ones. From their “Crispy” section, we tried the Chipriones and the Gamberi, which were a perfect combination with the refreshing Ceviche marinated in citrus juice which followed. You can select from their Sea Bass, Salmon or Tuna Ceviche. We tried all three!
“From The Grill”, we opted for the heart-healthy Salmon, the Tuna and the Shrimp which were all pleasantly flavoursome and skilfully grilled, combined with dressings to please any palette.  To top it all off, we went for an assortment of oyster from their “Raw Bar”. For those of you who enjoy their seawater tasting Ostreidae, you will surely appreciate their selection.

All in all, if you are looking for a night out with unique ambiance, delicious food and one of kind cocktails, this is unquestionably the place to visit in Limassol this summer. You will most certainly feel as if you’ve landed on the set of one of the most extravagant summer destinations, fit for a James Bond scenario.

Gin Fish. Old Port Limassol.  Open 4pm-1am. Reservations at 95595772.






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