Consuming supplements instead of real-time food?

Consuming supplements instead of real-time food?

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Consuming supplements instead of real-time food has been the topic of debate for a long time now. Yet, you must understand that the answer is not simple. It is actually relative. If you are choosing to add supplements in your daily diet, you must chalk out your needs and body situation first. With that, consuming supplements alone is not a viable option.

Who must opt for supplements?

If you are a woman who is pregnant, taking additional supplements with your food may be quite essential. This may include folic acid, vitamins and iron. The dietitian or doctor depending on the health condition may prescribe an adult of age 50 and above, supplements like vitamin B12, vitamin D and other essential components. Aged people who are in a nursing home and not in the condition of consuming food, supplements are given to them as an alternative.  Moreover, athletes and people who practice harsh workout also take supplements. Just remember; never self-prescribe yourself with supplements unless you are professionally advised to do so.

Here is a quick snapshot of why real foods matter more than a sole-supplementary diet.

Get maximum nutrition: When you are consuming real food, you are getting variety of nutrients and essential food components during a sole serving. For example, having a fruit salad lets your body derive citrus, antioxidant properties, calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin C, vegetable enzymes and much more. Consuming a variety of micronutrients in a creative manner is definitely a more preferred style of meal.

-Get essential fiber: Eating whole-grain foods and fiber rich meals not only prevents you from developing several diseases such as diabetes, but it also helps your digestive system to get rid of toxins and your bowels to move daily.

-Get supplementary protective substances: Other nutrients such as phytochemicals are also present in fruits and vegetables. They are the best anti-cancer agents. Why get them in pill-form when you can enjoy so easily in the form of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and pulses?

Anna Cortesi
Registered Dietitian, Clinical Nutritionist
Personal Nutrition Coach

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